• Universal size.

  • Direct molding on the thumb.

  • Auto sticking and permanent fusion to the wrist brace (Turtlebrace or ERbrace)

  • Can be cut to fit your needs.

  • Antibacterial fabric

  • Radiotransparent

  • Submersible and auto-draining

  • Remoldable without limits nor degradation

  • 3.2 mm thickness

  • Compostable eco-friendly plastic


Stable fractures, post-op immobilization, tendinitis, serial casting, spasticity control.


  1. Heath the brace in an oven between 67 °C and 85 °C (152°F and 185°F), or in the Turtlebrace heating bag until it become soft and elastic.

    • Do not use water or water vapor to heat the piece. Moisture will affect the fusion to the brace.

  2. Once the piece has become soft and elastic, wrap the piece around the thumb.

    1. Fold the piece in two with the bare plastic facing outward.

    2. Starting at the web of the thumb. Press the bare plastic on a dry brace, to fuse the piece to the brace.

    3. Stretch to piece to cover the thumb, finishing at dorsal part of the thumb.

    4. Cut the excess material, maintain the two borders together with the Velcro strip, and place the thumb in the proper position.

  3. When your client fingers are in the desired position, wait for the piece to harden.

    Once harden, the piece will keep its shape until you heated back again.

    When fused properly, the piece will remain attached to the brace even if you reheat the full brace.


  1. Make sure that the temperature of the piece is not to hot for comfort or at risk of burning your client before draping.

  2. The bare plastic can feel hotter than the rest, be careful not to burn your client.

  3. Do not heat the piece over 100°C (210°F), because the fabric could burn or melt.

  4. Moisture will affect the fusion efficiency.

  5. Make sure the surfaces, that are going to be fused together are dry and clean.

  6. If you use a heat gun, be careful not to burn the fabric.


Universal ( 15 cm radius) - EPUA

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