Direct molding immobilization brace, for the wrist.

This “apply and forget” type brace is made of stratification of multi-perforated low-temperature thermoplastic and a microfiber fabric.


The great flexibility of the components stabilizes the joint more easily, and with more precision, than any traditional brace or cast.


It can be reshaped many times, without losing its qualities; allowing adjustment according to the lost of swelling or morphologic changes


  • Direct molding on the limb

  • Antibacterial fabric

  • Ambidextrous, it comes with Velcro or zipper closure

  • Radiotransparent

  • Submersible and auto-draining

  • Remoldable without limits nor degradation

  • 3.2 mm thickness that permits the normal dressing

  • Compostable eco-friendly plastic


Stable fractures, sprains, post-op immobilization, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, serial casting, spasticity control, wrist and hand neuropathy.


  1. Heath the brace in an oven or hot water pan, between 67 °C and 85 °C (152°F and 185°F), until it becomes soft and elastic.

    Dry heat method
    Put the brace in either the Turtlebrace heating bag, a regular or convection oven, for about 5 minutes.

    Hot water method
    Place the brace in a hot water heating pan for about 3 to 5 minutes.


  2. Once the brace has become soft and elastic, you can drape the brace on the body. Make sure that the temperature of the brace is not to hot for comfort or at risk of burning your client.

  3. Place your client in the desired position and wait for the brace to harden.

  4. Once hardened, the brace will keep its shape until you heated back again.


  • Do not drape the brace if it is too hot to avoid skin burns or discomfort.

  • Do not heat the brace over 100°C (210°F), because the fabric or/and the zipper could burn or melt.

  • If you use a heat gun, be careful not to burn the fabric.


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